GTA IV region locked on Xbox 360

GTA IV hits tomorrow and you’re all set – time off work, cash in hand, girlfriend put on notice. But if you picked up your Xbox on a mega

The news, which broke this morning over on CVG, means you’ll have to snag a copy from the US online and wait days until you head off into the murk of Liberty City. That’s precious gaming time when all your mates will be toting weapons and banging on about how much they love the new R’n’B radio station.

PS3 owners are immune to this madness, with their edition playing nice wherever they are on the globe. Most Xbox 360 games these days aren’t region locked, with Rockstar titles including Table Tennis playable on any version of the hub.

The only plausible reason for such a move is to put off any US retailers flogging the game early for a hefty mark up to foreign gamers. Still, seems a bit harsh to us.

With less than 24 hours to go, why not find out six things you didn’t need know about GTA IV. That should easily pass those final hours. If you own a US Xbox though, you might want to head out and grab a cheap 360 Arcade instead.



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