GTA IV hits the streets; world goes crime crazy

Get ready for the end of your social life as you know it; GTA IV is loose on the streets of the UK and expected to sell a whopping nine million copies

The most eagerly awaited game ever is cocked and ready to fire into the disc drives of PS3s and Xboxes across the UK with some shops opening at midnight last night to cope with the demand of slavering fans.

Much like Halo 3 last year and Wii Fit last week, the game is expected to break all records. And quite rightly so, as it's being widely hailed as one of the greatest games ever made.

When Wii Fit jogged into shops last Friday it was said to be selling a copy every four seconds here in the UK and so far GTA has seen similar success. Shops have been taking on extra staff to cope with demand for the crime 'em up and whisperings have reached Stuff Towers that one online store has been selling a whopping 80 copies every minute.

Unable to get your hands on one? Still waiting for the postman to arrive? Then why not check out our 6 things you didn't know about GTA IV. If you're one of the lucky owners, let us know below how your GTA experience is working out so far.


Grand Theft Auto IV

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