GTA IV downloadable content still not completed

Last week, Rockstar's chief Dan Houser said that downloadable content for GTA IV wasn't going to be showing up any time soon. And now his comments hav

According to CVG, word is that the additional missions and extra goodies to make the game fun again haven't even been completed yet, making any plans for a 2008 release look more optimistic than the world economy starting to look rosy again.

The official line is that, " may move into the second quarter depending on completion date." Seeing as Take Two and Rockstar were confident the original game would see the light of day on October 2007, only to see it slide to April 2008, you can be certain we won't be kicking it in Liberty City until February or March next year.

Still, at least we have GTA Chinatown Wars to look forward to instead, eh?