GTA IV: Ballad of Gay Tony DLC dated

Rockstar has given the nod that its second downloadable installment for GTA IV, The Ballad of Gay Tony, is all set for release on 29 October.Moving aw

Moving away from the biker gangs of GTA IV: The Lost and The Damned, this episode will see gamers take on the role of Luis Lopez working for nightclub owner Tony Prince (aka Gay Tony).

It's interesting to note that by the time this installment goes up for grabs, it will have been near on a year and half since GTA IV was originally released. That's how to make a game pay.

If you want to get hands on with the glitz, grime and guns of Liberty City's clubland, you'll need 1,600 MS points to get it through Xbox Live. Of course it is a 360 exclusive, so there'll be no such fun for PS3 owners.

No word yet on much more to do with the plot, but we'll keep you updated with anything we hear. In the meantime, make sure you let us know what you've thought of GTA IV and its DLC below.