GTA: Chinatown Wars – more details emerge

Now we’re done blithely shooting pedestrians and indulging our virtual habit for cheap fast food on GTA IV, we’re desperately seeking any

And praise be, it looks like some proper geeky details are finally emerging, over at CVG, on the title that’ll turrn your DS from tiresome family–friendly handheld into a one man crime wave. Hallelujah.

Missions will unsurprisingly be a lot shorter than PS3 and Xbox versions of GTA, with arcade style play and plans to base the entire game round a PDA. Like your phone in GTA IV, you’ll be able to arrange missions, call buddies and, this time, get online with your in–game blower.

As we suspected, a chunk of Liberty City will also be rendered, with new routes and areas to hit factored in so you don’t get that bored feeling we’re becoming accustomed to every time we start a new game with Niko Bellic.

Apparently, plans are afoot to bring back the much–loved flamethrower so you can rinse your Triad enemies. Sadly though, there’s not much else on how you’ll be killing off those worming their way onto your territory.

There’s no news on how the Wi–Fi and multiplayer will work, but expect more soon, seeing as the game’s due before Christmas.