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GTA: Chinatown Wars deets leak

Our DS stylus has been twitchin' for news on GTA: Chinatown Wars since it was announced over at E3 last month and if some newly leaked info is to be b

According to a consumer survey that was picked up on by a handful of US games blogs, the portable carjack ’em up will centre on a young gang member (we’re guessing Triad) involved in a power struggle within his own crew. With over 70 missions that’ll suck more than 20 hours out of your life it looks like being a decent drain on your thumb calories.

The survery also mentioned stylus-based mini games such as assembling a sniper rifle before popping a cap into an assassination target and the now-familiar hotwiring of cars.

Gamers worried about the DS lacking in grunt to power a busy open world like Liberty City are promised a ‘massive map’ and an environment with changing weather, traffic patterns and police smart enough to give you a run for your (stolen) money.

The DS’s Wi-Fi multiplayer capability will be tested too, with races and a co-op mode to hook up with a partner in crime.

Now, it’s worth pointing out that this info came from a survey that aimed to gather info on an unnamed upcoming game. Of course there’s every possibility that it could be something else, but how many DS games do you know that reward you for nicking a brand new Porsche? Perhaps its the new Gangster Brain Training.