Green Day –'s top 10 eco gadgets

Gadgets are just one of those areas where you can't ignore the green crusade, and as it's Green Day today, there's no better time than today to start

If you're looking for ways to to make eco-friendly a bit more fun, we've got a list of the top 10 green gadgets to help you do just that.

For example, if you want to replace your old energy sapping stuff with appliances that'll be easier on your pocket and the planet, we've got LG's Steam Direct Drive washing machine, or Philips Energy Saving Kettle for you to play with.

For the young at heart the Horizon RC car will ditch batteries in exchange for water, while the optimists among you might enjoy the choice of solar powered gadgets, including Roberts' SolarDAB radio and the Nova Eclipse camera bag.

Of course if you just want to keep an eye on exactly how much energy you're using, the Wattson energy meter will give you all the deets you need, and if you need to cut down, you can use the HY Mini Wind Turbine to power your gadgets instead.

There are plenty more for you to check out in our top 10, all reviewed and scored by the team, so make sure you head on over and check it out.