The greatest Commodore 64 games you can play online

Happy Birthday C64! As a present we’ve found all your best games online so people can remember the good times

TV series title copyright-baiting aside, this was original for a side-scroller. It was hailed for the amazing fluid animation of its main character, a feat that had never been seen before. Combine that with brilliant puzzle elements and this was one of the best original C64 games ever made.

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Impossible Mission (1984)

This was Lucasfilm Games' first effort – and it blew us away. This adventure title won our hearts with its graphics, cut scenes, animation and humour. Can you handle the B-movie and horror flick clichés without laughing? There was even a TV series created by Eugene Levy (Jim’s dad from American Pie) in 1990 that lasted three seasons.

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Blast ‘em up action from Mad Planets creator Rob Hubbard. Rob's name was synonymous with great soundtracks and Mega Apocalypse wasn't short of music to go with the brilliant swirling starfield effects. Alright, nowadays it looks a bit naff – but back then it was mind-blowing.

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Maniac Mansion (1987)

Not only did you get to drive around in a cool car – before being able to reach the pedals in a real one – it could also fire rockets. Take out enemy spies while racing around the clear – if not particularly detailed – surroundings. Ideal for junior Roger Moores.

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It’s an arcade conversion, sure, but what a great one. Even with the 16-bit graphics in this picture our palms are sweaty with goblin fear. Can you make it through all 7 levels of this Dark Ages frightfest?

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Mega Apocalypse (1987)

Take control of Rockford and try to collect diamonds in the 16 caves laiden with myriad obstacles and dangerous creatures. If you couldn’t do it nearly 30 years ago, will you be any better at it now?

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If this wasn’t copyright infringement we don’t know what is. Released two years after Mario Bros, The Great Giana Sisters was almost identical in gameplay and layout – which was a great thing for Commode 64 owners everywhere. Although it was quickly removed from shelves after pressure from Nintendo. Fair enough, though – the game's tag line was a cocky, "The brothers are history."

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Spy Hunter (1983)

These bubble eating dragons allowed you to partake of 2-player platform gaming in the comfort of your futuristic eighties home. The game was often praised for being so highly addictive, as is clear from the high score set in 2006 – 6.10382 million. Think you can beat it?

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Who would have thought in an era of paperboy jobs a game about a boy throwing newspapers into mail boxes would have been a winner? Commodore clearly did and cashed in with this popular title by making a version with better graphics than the ZX Spectrum game. Okay, Amiga owners could look down on C64 gamers with their flashy graphics, but it was all about the gameplay – and for its day this was great.

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Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins (1986)

This popular military based game was knocked up in less than 12 hours by C64 king programmer Rob Hubbard as an arcade port. Yet it remained one of the most popular games on the C64 that you’ll remember – if not for the basic graphics, then for the SID music files it played. Listen to it here.

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