The great PS4 swindle

Sony forgets to bring PS4 to PS4 launch party. Gamers predictably get mad. Can Sony get even when the next PlayStation does arrive?

We had anticipated that Sony’s new console would not be in playable condition yet, but thought that – in stealing a march on Microsoft’s expected June launch of the next Xbox – we might be treated to some early renders of what the hardware would look like.

As it is we’ve seen a new (admittedly very cool) controller, a bunch of (yes, heavyweight) specs and some teased launch titles (again, they look awesome). But none of that can compare with the unique gadget joy that comes from seeing a finished (or unfinished) product, something to want from now until Christmas.

So gamers have woken up this morning feeling not only bleary eyed, but also justifiably miffed. Sony has given everyone outside the Americas a late night or an early morning, and there’s not even a tantalising glimpse of the PS4 in the flesh.

We sympathise: some of us stayed up well past our bedtimes to cover the launch, others got up early to dish out commentary on TV and radio. One of our number even flew to New York – at enormous cost to his schedule, not to mention the planet.

We don’t mind being tired, and we don’t mind flying halfway around the world for a press conference. No one minds being up late or getting up early to catch the first glimpse of what could be gaming’s next hero. Everyone minds if they don’t. Sony’s PlayStation division will feel the heat from gamers for this, and when it does deliver an actual console, it’ll need to supply the goods – at the right price – if it wants to heal those wounds. Perhaps some good can come of this after all.

By Paddy Smith

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