Google’s secret Chrome OS tablet

We’re told the Big G has already built prototype hardware for a Chrome OS tablet

Secret Squirrel tells Stuff Google has already built a prototype tablet running Chrome OS. Naturally we can’t divulge Mr Squirrel’s true identity, other than to say he’s someone who’s been working in-house for Google’s development arm for long enough to know better.

But Google isn’t quite as forthcoming with details. Quizzed about the possibility of a forthcoming tablet, Eli Lassman, product marketing manager for Chrome OS in the UK, was coy about the details.

“At some point we’re obviously looking at different form factors, but right now we’re focussing on clamshell devices and from a Google perspective our tablet development is really going into Android,” he told Stuff.

As for whether Chrome OS would supercede Android in the long run, Google’s senior associate for communications and public affairs, Claudine Beaumont, chimed in.

“Nothing’s off the table,” she said. “The way Google does things as a company is to let things find their own level. It’s fair to say that if 18 months down the line things were starting to converge a bit more, as a company we’re quite philosophical about things like that.”

Philosophical? We’ll be sure to read Thus Spake Zarathustra on Google Books as soon as we get the Chrome Tab in our hands.

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