Google's Project Glass AR tech goes public

Google's next-gen augmented reality tech gets its first public airing – with a curiously retro vision of the future

Google's vision of the future will see you sporting augmented reality headgear that looks like something from a 1980s sci-fi movie, if the Project Glass concept photos unveiled today are anything to go by.

Project Glass aims to create augmented reality tech that integrates seamlessly with your life – in the form of a pair of retro-futuristic spectacles that provide an AR overlay controlled by small head movements. Okay, the specs above are concept kit, but they give an idea of what the Project Glass tech might look like.

You can check out the ultimate aims of Project Glass in the concept video below, in which a chap snaps photos of graffiti with his AR specs, and learns to play the ukulele to impress a girl. So, Google is aiming the first Google Glasses squarely at hipsters, then. Nice to see books still exist in the future – couldn't he just download the ukulele book to his glasses?

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