Google's new patent lets you <3 all the things with Google Glass

Google's smart specs will let you make gestures to "like" objects in your field of view
 'I heart this' with Google Glass - Google patent can make it happen

Google has been granted a new US patent which outlines how gestures could be used to interact with its Google Glass.

One of the methods outlined in the patent is a two-handed heart gesture which results in Glass detecting and 'liking' objects that you've framed in your 'hand-heart'.

This opens up the possibility of other gesture-based controls – like taking pictures simply by creating a frame with your fingers. It's an innovative idea which should be faster than Glass' traditional voice and touchpad-controlled picture taking methods. You could even dislike things by giving them the thumbs-down, or get information on something by pointing at it – the possibilities for gesture controls are endless.

There's no word on whether or not this tech will make it into the first batch of Glass units (which are being redesigned as we speak), but feel free to check out our eyes-on experience with Google's face-hugging tech in the meantime.

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