Google's new London HQ will make you green with envy

Been boasting about your office's fancy new water cooler all week? Allow the Big G to take you down a peg. Or ten

Google's new London base at the Central St. Giles Building in Covent Garden will make even the most steadfast and loyal cubicle junkie salivate with envy.

The Big G's new headquarters feature both indoor and outdoor workplaces as well as a gym, an all-important dance studio, a cafe and a 200-person event room dubbed the Town Hall. And you thought your coffee break room with the zany motivational cat poster was special.

If the indoor rocking chairs, armchairs and woollen pouffes begin to bore lucky Googleites then the 'Secret Garden' outdoor workplaces should offer them a more than acceptable respite, thanks to the hedgerow-surrounded balcony seats – which shield them from the temperamental British elements.

The Google logo is – of course – generously scattered around the new site in all its multicoloured glory, while the meeting room colour schemes look like they were chosen by an sporadically indecisive artist.

Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to pick up a tin of paint and see if we can equal Google's efforts in Stuff towers.

[via Dezeen]

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