Google’s Chrome OS laptops get an official name – Chromebooks

On the eve of Google’s I/O event, we can reveal the name of Google’s next-gen OS laptops

We may still be speculating on the exact specs of Acer’s ZGB and Seaboard Chrome OS laptops, and know little of Samsung’s Alex. We may still be squinting into the dark as far as Sony’s Chrome OS laptop plans go. But Stuff has been slipped the official terminology for all laptops running Chrome OS – Chromebooks.

Chromebook isn't a new term, but it doesn't seem to have carried much currency since the first announcement of Google's browser-based OS. Now that term appears to be being embraced as the catch-all nomenclature for laptops running Chrome OS.

As far as Chromebook specs go, don’t expect any heroics. Atom 1.5GHz processors, 1-2GB of RAM and 10-12in screens are the expected components, while Google has already confirmed to Stuff that all Chromebooks will have a SIM slot for 3G data. We should find out more from tomorrow when Google’s I/O event begins. Keep your tab in view…

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