Google Wallet comes to iOS

But Apple's no-NFC policy means there still won't be any tap-to-pay action for iPhone users
Google Wallet

In an effort to make traditional wallets obsolete and banish cash and cards, Google has pushed its Google Wallet app all the way over to iOS.

Following a recent update to the Android Google Wallet that's removed the requirement for NFC, Google has brought its payment app to the NFC-free world of iPhones and iPads.

Nice to NFC you?

Google Wallet initially focused on in-store NFC payments, but has expanded to allow users to store credit cards and loyalty cards as well as transfer money directly to other users. For those with NFC-enabled Android phones, Google Wallet still handles contactless payments for paying for chips and KitKats (not that sort) with just a tap of your phone.

The current selection of supported loyalty cards is fairly limited and US-centric at present, but the likes of Avis Car Rental, Marriott International and The Body Shop are on the way.

The app also makes use of Google Offers – making sure you don't miss out on any money-saving deals. It also allows US users to transfer money to each other via email addresses, much like adding an attachment.

So it's now easier than ever before to part with your money. Thanks, Google.

Perhaps a future iteration of Google Wallet will work with Touch ID...