Google+ updated with photo organiser, batch delete and sorting tools

Say cheese – Google+ users have have got some new photo organising tools to play with

Those that have reminded faithful to Google+ may have noticed that while it's a nice experience, Google's social network isn't great when it comes to organising photo albums. That all changes with the rollout of a few new features designed to keep your photos in check.

So in addition to Google+ content showing up in Google searches, now you can sort, move via drag and drop into other albums, re-order and batch delete photos using a new feature called Organise Album.

Selecting multiple photos at once is also now an option, as is sorting your snaps by date or whatever order you like.

It's not exactly Facebook's Timeline, but is a great new addition to the search giant's social network and will no doubt come as a godsend to anyone with a backlog of photos on the site.

With Facebook taking a few design cues from Google+ – like with its photo viewing interface – we wonder if Facebook will follow suit try its hand at advanced photo organisation?

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