Google unveils test only Chrome OS-powered notebook

The first Google Chrome OS run notebooks expected to go on sale next year

Google has announced its much anticipated cloud-based Chrome OS-fueled laptop - but only as part of a pilot test scheme. A few very lucky early adopters and will be chosen to test the unassuming unbranded black laptop named Cr-48.

The search engine giant also leaked the Cr-48’s spec sheet: it boasts a 12.1.inch display, full-sized QWERTY and touch pad, eight hours juice and eight days standby time. 3G has also been integrated with network Verizon providing the data plan in the U.S, although details of U.K. networks involvement have yet to be officially announced.

Acer and Samsung are among the manufacturers onboard to build the first wave of notebooks, scheduled to arrive in the first half of 2011, although Google hasn’t ruled releasing a G-badged model of its own.

The open source and fast OS exists exclusively on the web with users just required to hand over their Google log-in deets to get cracking. Expect super fast boot up times as well.

Punters who surf using the Chrome web browser has tripled from 40 to 120 million and Google is giving the streamlined OS free to laptop manufacturers, so the likes of Microsoft and Apple might just have a fight on their hands.


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