Google TV coming to the UK for summer 2012

Android apps, Chrome browsing and phone remote control set to get friendly with your telly in a matter of months

Until now, if you wanted to mark the date of Google TV’s European launch in your diary, the closest you’d get was 2012. But the vagaries of the launch have just been made a little less vague thanks to Sony.

Showing off its Google TV set-top media boxes in London, the company said it was slating release for this summer. That suggests that either Google TV will be landing on these here shores before that, or someone at Sony hasn’t got his planning hat on.

We’re pretty sure it’s the former, which means we’re mere months away from dialling our Twitter feeds (or Google+) into a live TV stream, getting Android apps blown up to 42 inches and pointing our smartphones at the TV to switch to the other side.

And with that, we’re off to throw a couple of aging PVRs on to the sacrificial fire in the hope of getting that launch brought towards springtime.

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