Google is testing its next-generation mobile

Regulatory documents show Google’s labs are bubbling away, but what's the search giant testing?

Sure, Google isn’t known for taking its search engine hat off to build hardware, but it looks like that’s changing. Just last week we saw Google Glasses leaked and now an application for real-world testing of its “next generation personal communications device” has cropped up at the FCC.

Details are scant but it would appear the testing phase, which aims to see how the device (which could be the first fruit we'll see from The Big G's Motorola acquisition) gets on with the home Wi-Fi networks of 102 employee’s homes, will run until July. Here’s hoping we get more details between now and then.

For the time being, Google employees are also testing a home-entertainment device which, according to the New York Times, is some sort of Sonos-style gadget related to the Android@Home Tungsten hub. It looks like it will get your mobile to work with everything in your home. Check back for more details as news breaks.

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