Google Street View launches in 25 UK cities

We've been jealously stalking the streets of Manhattan, and any other US location for that matter, just waiting for Google Street View to launch here

Punters in the likes of London, Liverpool, Cardiff, Leeds, Edinburgh and Manchester can now get right into the heart of their city. Essentially, it means you can check out a restaurant before eating there, a hotel before staying or just have a snoop around when you're bored.

Google says it'll be available through Google Earth, as well as Google Maps for Mobile. The latter is especially good news for T–Mobile G1 owners, who can use the in–built compass to take a proper look around just by turning their phone.

In a genius gimmick, Google has also planted a Where's Wally game, with the classic character hidden somewhere in the UK, dressed in his usual regalia. Pointless, but fun, we think you'll agree.

There are also deals with Tate, letting you see works of art on your PC, as well fancyapint,com, so you can see a boozer before frequenting it.

Right, we're off to have a nose around in some celebrities bins.


Google Street View

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