Google set to sell Samsung and Asus tablets online

Is the big G getting ready to set up an Android shop to take on Apple and Amazon?

Remember when Google sold its own Nexus One smartphone online? Maybe you're too young. Either way, spies at Google have been chirping details away to the Wall Street Journal so now it looks like Google will sell Samsung, Asus and also Google co-branded Android tablets in its own online store before the year is out.

While the anonoymous sources said that Google wouldn't be selling its own hardware, it wouldn't be too much of a shot in the dark to think that this online retail project might show up around the same time as a budget Nexus tablet built by Asus. Plus Google might throw everything it's got at anyone thinking about buying their first tab with Android Jelly Bean, the next version of its mobile OS, set to land this summer.

Which Google top dog would you like to see virtually flogging Android wares? Andy Rubin? A Larry Page and Sergey Brin double act? Actually, maybe it's best they let the tablets do the talking.

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