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Google Plus guide – things you didn’t know

Are you a member of the Google Plus elite? Bet you didn't know you could do this...

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Google Plus is like some kind of exclusive club everyone wants to get in to, but just can’t get on that elusive guest list. If you’re one of the lucky few with access, we’ve got a few fun factoids about the latest cool kid on the social networking block…

NFC gets social

If you’re one of the few with an NFC chip nestled firmly inside your Android smartphone (like Google’s own Nexus S), now is your chance to become part of an even more exclusive club. Using the dedicated Android app, Google Plus will let you scan NFC tags and share the information with your circles. Like most NFC applications, it’s pretty limited at the moment, but its potential is huge for sharing movie trailers, checking in a la Foursquare or starting a “Huddle”.

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Facebook Circles

Being able to manage and create friends within circles is one of the best things about Google Plus. Who wants to share their debauched holiday snaps with their boss and work colleagues? But you don’t need to be left out in the cold if you haven’t got an invite: thanks to a nifty little app called Circle Hack, everyone can reap the benefits. Want in? Visit CircleHack, log in to Facebook and start creating your own circles. See? Everyone’s a winner.

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Web app to the rescue

We already know Apple has Google on the edge of its seat waiting in anticipation for that golden seal of approval. Fret not iPhone users, there is a way to get your Google Plus on iPhone fix in the meantime. While Android users can access the dedicated mobile app, iPhone users can rely on a good ole’ web app, enabling you to whack some Google Plus features on your mobile before the standalone app puts in an appearance. Head on over to plus.google and check out the wealth of Google Plus goodies available including Circles and Stream.

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Want more? Get more

So you’ve been enjoying the slew of features on offer from Google’s social network, but you still want more. Lucky for you, a group of developers have already started creating Google Chrome extensions to make your Google Plus experience just that little bit better. Surplus neatens notifications, +Photo Zoom gives fast and simple close-ups of pics in your Stream, Extended Share gets jiggy with Twitter and Facebook and if you’re feeling particularly bad for going to the other side, you could always give your page a Facebook style makeover with Google+: Facebook.

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Is Android Google Plus’ secret weapon?

As most of us are painfully aware, trying to upload multiple photos to Facebook via the dedicated app is an excruciating experience. The Google Plus Android app, however, has an opt-in feature called instant Uploads which immediately catapults, Android users’ photos into the webosphere. Photos are private by default, allowing you to go in later and share them with the people you deem worthy enough to have a peep. Best of all, there’s no limit on the number of photos or length of time your photos remain in your private album; Google will store your snaps forever.


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