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Google Plus goes public

Miss out on an invite? You've been waiting outside long enough, come on in

Google rolled out 99 new features on its fledgling social network before hitting on the one we’ve been waiting for. At number 100 we finally have +Everyone which means that anyone can sign up for Google Plus without begging for an invitation.

Google+ is still very much in beta – seven other new features were announced today on the Google blog and some will still be a bit rough around the edges. We like the sound of a mobile version of Hangouts, the group video messaging tool for up to nine people. Download the new app on the Android Market from today if you’re rocking Android 2.3 or above and a front-facing snapper, with iOS support being baked in soon.

In Hangouts, you can also now share what’s on your screen and collaborate on Google Docs or broadcast the footage “on air” to a live audience, although only VIPs like The Black Eyed Peas’ will.i.am get to do it for now.

You can also now search Google+ to look up likeminded Google+ members, relevant posts from your circles and content from the rest of the web outside the network. Obviously Facebook can’t compete with Google on search but expect retaliation on all other fronts. Hang on, there’s internet outside Google’s realm? Well, for now there is.


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