Google planning to release up to five Jelly Bean Nexus devices

That's right folks, the launch of Android 5.0 could see up to five Nexus handsets competing for your wallet

Google is planning on releasing up to five Nexus devices to mark the launch of Android 5.0 Jelly Bean according to The Wall Street Journal (reported by Engadget).

The big G is expected to reveal the plans for its Nexus launch at Google I/O later this year and will reportedly be selling all of the new unlocked handsets directly, possibly in Autumn, which is when we expect Android 5.0 Jelly Bean to be released.

It's unclear at this early stage which phone manufacturers have jumped aboard the coveted Nexus bandwagon or whether or not some models will be packing more power than others, but we're all for more smartphones with the stock Android experience straight out of the box.

Bring on Google I/O on June 27th we say, where all will be revealed – possibly in a shower of deliciously chewy treats.

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