Google Now coming to iPhone and iPad?

Leaked video points to the imminent arrival of Google's virtual assistant on iOS. Look out, Siri…

Android users have been managing their day with Google Now's cards for the last year – now it looks like Apple fans will finally get in on the action, with a leaked video pointing to a Google Now release for iPhone and iPad.

The promo video was quickly pulled from YouTube, but too late for Google – Engadget snaffled a copy and has popped it up on the web for all to see.

According to the video, which uses the same visual style as the original Google Now promo video – and, apparently, the same voice actress, Google Now will be integrated into the Google Search app for iPhone and iPad. You'll be able to access your Google Now cards by swiping up from the bottom of the screen within the app. It doesn't look to be quite as deeply integrated into the OS as with Android – but that's hardly surprising.

Google Now displays cards showing info drawn from your Google account – including distance and routes to home and work, flight info, hotel reservations, sports scores and restaurant information, among others.

Exactly when Google Now will be arriving on iOS is a mystery – if Apple will even allow such an obvious Siri rival on its platform. But the fact that a promo video's been completed – assuming it isn't a very clever fake, of course – suggests that it'll be gracing iPhones and iPads soon.

[via Engadget]

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