Is Google Now better than Siri and S Voice put together?

What do you mean you don’t know where Natalie Portman went to school? Even your phone knows that. Or it soon will

Siri’s clever. We asked it a lot of easy questions, followed by a lot of hard questions, then a lot of questions with accents and dialects. But is it the smartest of them all? Well, it’s got Samsung’s S Voice to contend with now. But that’ll be the least of its worries by the time it’s finished watching this video, which shows Google Now being put through its paces. Answering questions about where Natalie Portman went to college and fish species in Lake Tahoe, not to mention fetching pictures of Google’s Android eating a (presumably bitter) apple, it’s pretty scary stuff. And it means we can’t wait to give this Jelly Bean-flavoured treat a proper taste test in a video soon. Watch this space…

[JLishere via Android Police]

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