Google Nexus tablet out next month?

Is this Google’s Asus made tablet, and could we be palming its new magazine subscription service soon?

Is this picture what we can expect of the Google Nexus tablet? It’s rumoured to be made by Asus and could be with us as soon as next month.

A source told Business Insider that the Google Nexus tablet, as it’s being called, will not only be announced next month but will come packing a new magazine subscription service. The 7in tablet, built by Asus, should to have Nvidia Tegra 3 processing powers and a sensible US$250 (£160) price tag. The magazine subscription service is expected to launch in conjunction with major publishers.

Google I/O will be held on June 27th so if ever there were an announcement date we’d bet it was that. Fingers, cables, and toes crossed.

(via 9to5google and phonearena)

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