Google Nexus tablet to be 7in

Watch out Kindle Fire, Google has you in its sights – with Nexus build quality at an affordable price

The Google Nexus tablet – as leaked by Google CEO Eric Schmidt – could be the slate that does for the Amazon Kindle Fire. Right now the Kindle Fire is hitting Apple iPad sales hard – but Google plans to beat even that effort with its first venture into tablet hardware.

While Google's Nexus phones have all been high-end phones with prices to match (the latest, Nexus Prime is £500 offline), Google plans to create a cutting edge Nexus tablet with an affordable price tag.

Rumours from DigiTimes suggest the 7in tablet will directly target the price of the Kindle Fire (US$199) but will bring the high-end build quality of the Nexus range alongside Google's Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. 

If we had a choice between the frankly underwhelming Kindle Fire and a Google tablet packing Ice Cream Sandwich alongside the build quality and top-tier tech of the awesome Nexus range, Google would win hands down. And Apple will need to step up its game with the iPad 3 – the ball's in your court, Cupertino.

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