Google Nexus S rides into town on Gingerbread

Google's next-gen Nexus phone arrives alongside the latest 2.3 version of Android

You won’t be ordering one if you’ve got a lisp, but Google’s Nexus S is finally official. The Samsung-built handset is the first phone officially running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and has the spec sheet of an NFC-capable Galaxy S.

The 4in Nexus S is also the first phone to have a curved “Contour Display” that fits the profile of your face. Other than that it’s almost a carbon copy of the Galaxy S, with a 1GHz Hummingbird chip, 16GB SSD and 5MP cam (with a secondary VGA snapper on the front).

As the successor to the Nexus One, you can expect Google’s fresh handset to be the new favourite sidekick of developers, free of manufacturer skinning and bloatware. Those developers will be starting work on apps and hacks immediately (Google released the Gingerbread SDK earlier today), but they – like the rest of us – won’t be able to pick up the new handset until December 20 when it’ll be on sale from Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy from £35 per month on contract or £550 SIM-free.

EDIT: there was some confusion about the availability date. We went with December 16, but it turns out to be December 20, a fact we've corrected in the copy. Pre-ordering has now started at Best Buy and Carphone Warehouse.

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