Google Nexus Q cloud media streamer reveals its dusky curves

The first consumer electronics product entirely designed by Google is a share-all orb of media streaming delights

You’d think Google’s first tablet (the Nexus 7) and a fresh batch of innovation in its new Android version (Jelly Bean) would create enough noise on their own. But, no. It has to go and steal its own thunder with the Nexus Q, a black orb of open media streaming that Google wants to plant in your living room.

The Google Nexus Q is the first product The Big G’s ever made on its own and will let you suck down anything from the cloud’s vast repository of entertainment via your computer, phone or tablet to a pair of speakers and/or a TV.

Plus, of course, it’s social, allowing your friends to hijack your playlist, YouTube clip, TV show or film for something more to their own taste (as long as they’ve got an Android device). Luckily, you can switch guest mode off whenever you’ve had enough of their woeful suggestions.

The black orb contains an “audiophile grade” amplifier that’ll drive a pair of speakers, or you can feed out via optical or HDMI connections to your existing hi-fi and TV. The top half doubles as a swivel volume control (or you can tap it to mute) while a band of LEDs glow in time to the music.

The Nexus Q is only available in the US to begin with, but we’ll hit you up with the news as soon as there’s a mention of it coming to other territories. It’s selling Stateside for US$300.

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