Google Nexus Prime to launch on 11th October?

Looks like the Google Nexus is primed

Samsung's been down as the front runner for round three of Google's Nexus phone – especially as it's behind the Nexus S – and it looks like our suspicions have been confirmed. Apple-shaped invites may have wound up in our inboxes this week, but Samsung has begun rolling out a few invites of its own to an event on 11th October, when we're expecting the Nexus Prime to make its public debut.

The Nexus Prime will be the first Ice Cream Sandwich-flavoured smartphone to hit the market – the latest iteration of Google's Android OS. Its spec sheet is still very much in speculative territory, but the rumours tell us to expect a dual-core 1.5GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM, and an 800 x 480 pixel AMOLED display.

It all kicks off in San Diego at 11.30am (7.30pm UK time) and will be streamed via YouTube if you're eager to watch all the action unfold.

October looks set to become the battle of the big smartphones, with Apple taking the wraps off its iPhone 5 and hopefully, the iPhone 4S too. Let the Android vs iOS battle commence. We'll grab the popcorn.


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