Google Nexus One to launch worldwide?

If documents that have fallen into the sweaty palms of Engadget are to be believed, Google's Nexus One handset is set to enjoy a worldwide launch next

The PDF, which is supposedly the terms of sale for the Android handset sourced directly from HTC, makes several references to purchasers within the EU as well as the US. For instance, European shoppers get a two year warranty on parts and labour, compared to one in the USA.

Purchasing the Nexus One from Google will involve setting up a Google Checkout account, with calls billed separately by a local carrier - T-Mobile in the USA. The HTC-manufactured phone is expected to cost $530 (£330) for a plain, unlocked handset, or $180 (£111) with a two-year T-Mobile contract. Bear in mind that Euro customers will have to pay import duty and VAT on top of this.

If that's got you all excited about treating yourself to a new handset on January 5, there is just one restriction noted in the terms of sale: you can only buy five Nexus Ones for each Google account you set up...