Is the Google Nexus 5 actually on its way? Don’t be so sure

Google’s move away from Nexus devices suggests we may end up with a stock Android LG Optimus G2 instead
LG Optimus G2 leaked image

The Internet is awash with rumours that the Google Nexus 5 will be announced in the next few months, and will borrow heavily in both looks and specs from the upcoming LG Optimus G2 – but here at Stuff we’re a touch sceptical about the whole thing.

Sites like claim that recently leaked shots and specs of the Optimus G2 (the image above comes from Engadget, who obtained new leaked images today) match up with “predictions” about the Nexus 5: a 5.2in 1080p screen, 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM and a 13MP rear camera are apparently slated for both. They note that the G2’s rounded, metal-rimmed edges also bear a striking resemblance to those of the current Google Nexus 4.

Other blogs point to dwindling Nexus 4 supplies, which they claim is evidence that a replacement must be imminent.

The end of Nexus devices?

HTC One Nexus

But we have another theory: what if Google is phasing out Nexus phones altogether? The company has recently concentrated its announcements on software, services and data, with the only device discussed (and only then in brief) in its Google I/O conference being a Samsung Galaxy S4 running not Samsung’s own TouchWIZ UI but a “stock” version of Android – the same version you’d find on the Nexus 4, in fact.

It was made clear that the S4 was only the first in a series of such devices, and since then HTC has revealed an HTC One with stock Android too. Other companies will follow.

So perhaps Google, rather than bring out a Google-branded Nexus 5 (which would, like all previous Nexus devices, have been designed and manufactured in conjunction a third-party company like LG, Samsung or ASUS), will simply let other companies put the clean, Nexus edition of Android on their flagship devices as an option for buyers. Perhaps the Nexus 4 is the last Nexus device we’ll ever see.