Google Music to get track sharing

The download service's "twist" is straight out of the Zune/ Spotify school of music

It’s more bad news for music lovers without any friends – Google Music looks set to enter into a social-off with the recent Spotify/ Facebook partnership. According to Business Insider, a record company exec has leaked the music service's key new feature – it'll let users share tracks that they’ve paid for with friends. Those friends will then be able to listen to the shared tracks for a limited amount of time or a limited number of downloads.

Google Music will still be strictly pay-per-download but as usual there have been talks with record labels to make sure the sharing function is all above board.

We don’t know exactly how sharing will work but since Music beta included “lockers” in the cloud to store music, it might be as simple as sending a link to your locker through an app, Gmail or Google+.

It also looks like Google Music will lets users listen to tracks offline by “pinning” the songs to their smartphone, similar to the way Spotify and Napster let you cache music. We should be seeing a revamped Google Music by the end of this year – so if you've yet to settle on a music service, you might want to hold out until Google throws its hat in the ring.

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