Google may be working on a wireless home music system

The big G could be invading your living room and lugholes alike, in the not too distant future

Google is no stranger to experimenting – and the latest rumours courtesy of WSJ's sources suggest that the search giant is working on a wireless home entertainment system.

This will be the first time that Google has marketed a product under its own brand – we've mocked up a Sonos wireless music system with a touch of Google goodness above to give you an idea of what the reported system could look like.

It's likely that features will include streaming music from your Android device as well the ability to access Google Music's cloud server library.

Could this be the beginning of an onslaught of Google-made products? We'd like a Google saucepan that comes up with tips and tricks to compensate for our culinary ineptitude. What products would you like to see the big G stamp its mark on? Let us know on Twitter.

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