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Google Maps iOS app out now for iPhone

After much ado about Apple Maps the new Google Maps app has arrived on iOS at last

Google Maps is back on iOS in glorious app form for iPhone. Right after the Australian police force branded Apple Maps life-threateningly dangerous, the curtain has been lifted on the new Google Maps app.

Once again you can enjoy StreetView on your iPhone – safe in the knowledge it’s correct. The app also adds turn-by turn navigation and public transit information, and uses the same vector-based maps as Apple’s own offering for faster loading times. And if you do find any mistakes, you can simply shake your phone and you can instantly send feedback.

The Google Maps SDK has also been released to app developers so expect to see other apps using it as their native mapping tool soon. For now head over to the App Store where you can get the 6.7MB Google Maps for free and start exploring the world again.

[Google Maps via AppleInsider]

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