Google launches

What Do You Love? That’s what Google wants to know for its new search service

Google has been so quiet and unpushy with the latest launch of What Do You Love? that when you search for on Google, it actually suggests you are looking for something else. So soft is this launch, Google hasn’t actually publicised this service yet. Regardless, it’s a fun way to search for broad terms that offer a lot of results. Type what you love, click the heart search button, then browse the tiled results from maps, videos, and 3D renderings, to patent information, trends and alerts.

So, is it bound for the stratospheric success of search, or the whimpering wheeze of Wave? It's a neat way to browse contextual results sorted according to Google's numerous web apps. And you can click on the Gmail icon to automatically compose an email with the spam-bin-baiting subject line: “Hey this is awesomely awesome.” Dreadful subject lines aside, it’s fun to try – give it a bash at


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