Google launches Google Maps for NES

The Big G's tradition of spectacularly improbable launches on April 1st continues with this 8-bit navigation tool

Google has announced an 8-bit version of Maps for the Nintendo Entertainment System, part of a laudable initiative to make that NES gathering dust in your attic useful again.

To trial the 8-bit version of Google Maps – which adopts a fantasy theme in keeping with famouse NES games like The Legend of Zelda – simply pop over to and click the "Quest" button in the upper right. Couldn't be simpler. You can even view an 8-bit version of Street View.

It's not the first time Google has made a spectacular announcement on April 1st. From the reveal of the amazing MentalPlex search technology to the revelation that Google had perfected an AI called CADIE, Aprils past have certainly seen Google bringing some startling – some might say foolish – tech innovations to the table. We look forward to seeing what the Big G comes up with this time next year.

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