Google Labs is no more

It's the end of an era. Wave goodbye to wacky experiments and crazy ideas. Google Labs is no more

Internet behemoth Google has closed the doors for the very last time on its famous developer Labs, the Wonka-esque experimental playground for its new bits and bobs. In order to streamline its efforts and prioritise bigger things (anyone heard of Google Plus?).

It might not put an end to crazy internet experiments, but it does mean Google geeks donning lab coats to cook up prototype-flavoured feasts in its developer kitchen may keep their wares better hidden. Google will continue to experiment with new features in Gmail and Google Maps, among others, but many of the fringe ideas drifting about in the purple smoke-filled Labs will be lost.

The Big G promises to keep its wonky specs and white coat to one side so it can dream up more cool free stuff for us to get utterly addicted to. Any guesses what's coming next?


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