Google hits brakes on free news content

Google will soon only allow users to view 5 news stories per day for free under its new First Click Free program, senior business product manager Josh

After viewing 5 stories, users will be directed to a subscription page and asked to pay up to see more news. This will only affect websites that charge for their content.

Currently, Google allows users to bypass paywalls because it links to news directly – but this new program will put a stop to that.

The move comes after months of intense criticism from newspapers, and Rupert Murdoch’s threat to pull his soon-to-be-paid-for content from Google completely.

Its critics accuse Google of profiting from their content though ad revenue, which it doesn’t share with content providers. Ooh they are cheeky.

Will paid for content on the net work? Would you pay for content? Let us know your thoughts below.