Google Glass update lets you wink to snap a photo

MyGlass for iOS and Google Hangouts come to smart specs with latest in Google's series of monthly updates
Google Glass

Google has released a new software update for Glass that – among other things – lets you wink to snap a photo.

The update will doubtless add to the disquiet of those who think that face-mounted cameras are creepy and intrusive, but Google stresses that it's an "exploratory feature" for the time being, and is asking Explorers for feedback.

The XE12 update also adds MyGlass for iOS, bringing many of the Android app's features to iOS devices – including setup, the ability to add contacts and turn on Glassware, and turn-by-turn directions.

Other additions in the XE12 update include a Touch Menu for Google Play Music, a screen lock function that can be set to activate whenever you take the smart specs off, the ability to share videos to YouTube through Glass and new Google Search cards. 

Finally, Google's added Hangouts to Glass – a long-awaited feature that enables Glass Explorers to make video calls, chats and photos over Google Hangouts. Perfect for bringing people together over the festive season.