Google Glass: now available in CeX

Futuristic faceputer now available from the second-hand shop next to the job centre in Brixton, still rather pricey

No self-respecting gadget fan can resist the allure of a second-hand electronics shop, from outside at least. The displays of shops like CeX offer a heady mix of nostalgia (Gameboy Advance SP, eh? Haven't seen one of them in a while...) and bargainous prices for outdated tech. But this week we were surprised to spot, among the well-thumbed mice and reconditioned external hard drives, a gadget that hasn't even properly gone on sale yet: Google Glass. 

Of course, no technology can truly be said to have made it to mainstream acceptance until it can be traded in for a pile of DVD box sets and a guitar amp, but it's surprising to see Glass, which has only just officially gone on sale in the UK, in second-hand shops so soon.   

On the other hand, it makes sense - the price of being an early adopter of Google's nose-mounted visioncube is high, with the Explorer Edition costing a hefty £1000. For people who want to try it out for a couple of weeks, buying one and then flogging it to CeX, who told us they pay £800 for Glass in good condition, might not be so crazy. Apparently this has been a popular strategy - CeX says there are 22 Glass units currently on sale in its stores around the UK.


Still, we couldn't help a wry head-shake; it's like seeing Lady Gaga queueing up for a kebab. A kebab that presumably she would fashion into some sort of interesting hat, but that's a different story.