Google Glass brings music to your... eyes?

Google's smart specs get injected with a dose of musical talent
Google Glass brings music to your...eyes?

The latest software update to Google Glass adds a slew of music features, adding to the ever-growing list of tricks the super-smart specs can pull off.

Side-loading the Google Play Music app will unlock music playback commands for starters. "OK Glass, listen to,” followed by an artist, song or album will automatically bring up a card with your request, allowing you to make your selection and hit play.

Music playback options, controlled with Google Glass' touchpad, are also supported. Take that, smartwatches.

Glass in action

You can also use Glass to identify any unknown songs you hear while you're out and about, Shazam-style, before buying it from the Google Music Store and adding it to your library, as the video above demonstrates.

We can't imagine that you'll do any song justice with Glass' built-in bone conducting speakers, though you could spring a hefty US$50 for a made-for-Glass mono earbud. Not that they'll sound anywhere near as good as normal stereo headphones.

US$85 dollars will nab you stereo hadphones which are a much better option, though throwing down that much cash for such a specific set of headphones that'll only work with one product seems to be asking a little too much for us.

Still, if you're out and about and want to discover new music without slipping your smartphone out of your pocket, you'll be embracing Glass' new music smarts with open arms. Assuming you're lucky enough to be a glass Explorer with a pair already that is.

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