Google+ gets redesign focusing on navigation

130 million users and it’s not finished yet, according to Google. Google+ is bringing a new look to your social screen

Google+, still in its relative infancy, has just been redesigned with the aim of bringing its 130 million users a more customisable social experience with easier navigation.

Navigation now uses a list of applications down the left bar – called a Navigation Ribbon. These apps can be dragged in the order you need (take note, Google toobar), hidden, or hovered over for quick options.

Larger photos and videos can be easily dropped into your stream making sharing prettier and “more awesome”. Conversation Cards are used to make it easier to pick up chats and drop in and out of discussions in your circles.

Hangouts – Google+'s version of video chat – is more prominent and apps that run in Hangouts can be written by you to tailor the video chat, for example, by creating a Paint-style board for drawing while you discuss.

The Explore page has been added to let you browse trending topics from around the network.

Not got a Google+ account? Now might be a good time for you to give it a try. Below are Google’s helpful guide videos to show you just how the new Google+ looks and works. Do you think Facebook should be worried yet? We fear not.

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