Google flicks the switch on Android Market

The T–Mobile G1 is all set for release on these shores next Thursday. But lucky US Android fans can already get their mitts on one. And just to

There'll be 50 apps to choose from at the start, with developers now able to nab the code and pay a $25 fee so their apps can be "authenticated". After that though, they can post whatever the devil they like to Android Market, with users deciding what's worth grabbing.

Google also says that as of January, paid apps will start showing up, with developers getting a rather nice 70 per cent cut of proceedings. Like Apple's App Store, just cooler.

So there we have it, the tool that has the potential to change mobile phone's for the better is here. Still not sure about the G1? Then take a pek at out hands–on video review for a closer look.


T–Mobile G1

Price: £35 on contract

On sale: 30 November

Contact: T–Mobile