Google fires up Chrome for Android

It’s in beta and Ice Cream Sandwich only for now, but this is your first chance to get Google’s browser on your Android tablet or smartphone

Google’s Chrome browser is now available to anyone lucky enough to have an Android 4.0 smartphone or tablet. That’s good news if you’re locked into the Googlesphere, because you’ll be able to drop what you’re doing on your desktop and pick it up seamlessly on the move.

Chrome for Android – mentioned back in October and now in beta – shares your browser tabs across all your desktop and mobile devices, plus history, preferences and bookmarks. It’s also been redesigned to include mobile optimised tabbed browsing that’s as easy to navigate “as if you’re holding a deck of cards in the palm of your hands” and introduces Link Preview, a smart link identifier to help you peck out the right link in a list. Bad news for Flash fans, though – Adobe's confirmed its runtime environment isn't heading to Chrome for Android. Not yet, at any rate.

Want to speed test it against your current mobile browser? You can find out more on the Official Google Blog and download Chrome for Android from the Android Market. Let us know how you get on. But first, watch this video:

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