Google extends personalised search to all users

It seems Google really wants to get personal with its searches. First it talked social search, and now it wants to tailor every search made to the per

Google has for some time personalised its search results for users logged in to a Google account, which meant that it would return results of websites you had visited before, higher than others.

However Google has now said it will be extending this search to anyone using its search engine by using an anonymous cookie on the user's computer to check out their last 180 days of searching.

It will then personalise its searches based on this data.

You'll be able to check out what it's basing its decisions on at anytime via the "view customisations" link on the top right of the search results page, and of course, remove it if you want to.

As you can imagine, the privacy police are not happy with the new features, particularly because it will no doubt help Google boost their ad revenue by improved ad targeting.

However, google spokesman Nathan Tyler said: “Our goal is to provide relevant search results.

"The benefits that we’ve seen for signed-in users were so great we want to extend those same benefits to everyone.”

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Via: NY Bits