Google Editions to sell ebooks from 2010

Not content with creating a digital version of the entire planet and, according to a report yesterday, accounting for 6% of global web traffic, Google

The move would make hundreds of thousands of electronic titles available to millions of readers. And Google has no intention of having a Kindle-style lockdown on content – the company says its texts will be compatible with most electronic readers, including the Kindle and Sony's Reader.

Books would also be available to download for use with computers and mobile devices, though Google says it has no plans to launch its own reader. Instead, it’ll hook up with booksellers like WH Smith and Blackwell to build a massive online library that you can peruse and download from as you please.

With the Kindle shipping to the UK from next week, the long-awaited eBook revolution could finally be reaching maturity. Or will you be sticking to trusty paperbacks? Let us know what you think below.