Google Earth 6.2 smooths out the joins

Latest update to Google's globe irons out the "patchwork quilt" effect


Google's updated its Google Earth program, with version 6.2 using a new technique for rendering satellite imagery that eliminates the old "patchwork quilt" effect caused by stitching together pictures from different satellites.

Google's also added Google+ features to Google Earth 6.2, including an option to share screenshots of your current view on Google+.

Search has been overhauled in the Google Earth update, with a new AutoComplete feature mirroring that on Google Maps. Google's also added search layers and walking, biking and public transport directions to its version of the blue marble.

If you want to play with the new Google Earth functions, you can download version 6.2 here. We'll be busy spinning our virtual globe and zooming in on our house, pretending to be a space invader.

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