Google Drive wants to hold all the data

Not content with merely searching the net, Google is setting out to store all your data in one place. Eggs, basket

Google's online cloud storage space, Google Drive, is coming in the next few months – we already know this. But while everyone was looking forward to personal online storage space thanks to Google, the clever folk at the big G have been hatching plans to make space for everything you do online. Ever.

The above photo shows Lucidchart, an online chart creation service that will allow Google Drive users to sync their online storage with that of the third-party website. If this happens on a grand scale it could see Google’s Chromebook plan – to do away with hard drives and work over a constant internet connection – become a reality. Every site that would otherwise have to worry about the hosting costs of site storage will be able to offer creative spots with Google footing the storage bills.

Now we just have to hope it’s coming soon.

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